Ok, everyone, Im really REALLY busy, but I wanted to drop a line to let everyone know that my wife is NOT pregnant. Whew! We really weren't ready for another kid, so we're both breathing easier.
Perhaps someday in the future, we'll have another baby, but we're not ready for him/her right now.

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Oh. My. God.

Julie thinks that she may be pregnant.
We so did not plan this, and we even used protection, so I'm a nervous wreck right now. I love my kids, but 2 are plenty for me. I wouldn't be angry if she is, but still.......i'm just hoping that she isn't.

And THIS, boys and girls, is proof that just because you use protection, doesn't mean that it always works!

::gets nauseated and sits down::

I can't even type anymore, nor rant about anything today.
Tomorrow, I'll probably rant about condoms!

>: |
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Holy @#$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Earlier this evening, Julie and I took the kids and went to a store called Goody's so that I could buy some new jeans. After we finished there, we drove over to my parents house to switch cars with my dad (he's gonna have my brother in law fix it b/c it's jerking while you accelerate). Anyway, my dad's car is a Bonneville, so the control panels are VERY different from that of our Plymouth Breeze.
So, here we are driving back to our house, when Julie gets the idea to turn on the defrost to help warm up the car (it's really cold tonight)...........well, the warm air slams into the cold windshield and BWOOOOSH! Suddenly, I'm driving down the interstate, going 70mph with a completely fogged-up windshield. I could not see ANYTHING except for a barely-there glimpse of the white line on the side of the road.
My God, it was scary....and she couldn't find how to turn it off (it doesn't have a simple OFF switch.....you have to modify the air flow using this little digital FAN slide thingy...) Anyway, I have to drive about 800 feet blindly, and then ease my way back across all lanes, and off the side of the road. She still couldn't get it to stop fogging up the windshield, so I just reached up and started wiping it off. Luckily, the fog was on the inside, and it wiped right off. Julie was in a panic b/c it was really scary. I'm not exaggerating at all - I COULD NOT SEE ANYTHING! It was so scary, and what's worse is that I was in the fast lane, and there's no way that I could've just slowed down or anything.


Whew......I'm just glad THAT'S over!!!!
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Being Sick Sucks....

For the past several days, when I wake up, my throat and nose are hurting. I have really bad sinuses anyway, and this change in the weather is making them even worse! It's so gross. Everyone in my family is like this. Each day we wake up with sore throats and running noses. (Too much info, I know, but I'm heading somewhere with this.....)
Soooooo......last night, after Julie and the kids were asleep, I took some cough medicine. It said that adults were to take 4 teaspoons of it, and I did so. It tasted like old, thick, pancake syrup, only in grape form. ::pukes::
I went to sit in front of the TV (I wasn't really sleepy) and played a video game. About 20 minutes later, my left arm went completely numb. I thought "What the crap?! Isn't this a sign of a heart attack?!?!" I sat up quickly, and then noticed that my entire body was numb!!!! I didn't freak out or anything, but it did startle me. I thought that I'd go look at the medicine bottle to see if it lists numbness or dizziness as a side effect, but when I stood up, my legs felt like they had ultra-heavy weights on them! It was a really strange feeling. I'm certain that I had some sort of reaction to that cheap-o medicine (although everyone else in my family takes it and they are fine with it), so I just went to bed to sleep it off.
I woke up this morning, still feeling sick, but no numbness or dizziness. So, yay for generic cough medicine! ::rolls eyes::

In other RIcky-news, I love Spongebob Squarepants. Yeah, yeah, I know that I'm an adult, and shouldn't be watching it, but whatever, ya' know? I watch it with my kids, and they love it. It's so funny, and sarcastic. It really seems like it should be on the Cartoon Network instead of Nickelodeon. At any rate, now that i've confessed that I enjoy the cartoon, everyone that I know thinks that I am infatuated with the characters too. All of my kids at school draw pictures of the different characters for me. When I received my birthday gifts (and even gifts last Christmas) they cam in Spongebob gift bags and/or wrapping paper. >snicker< It's funny b/c it's like I"m 8 again or something instead of 28.

YOu wanna know something else that I hate? I hate it when I visit a website, and the site secretly installs a bunch of crap on my computer. I'm not talking about tracking cookies.....I mean actual programs or utilities that I do NOT want installed. For example, a few weeks ago, I went to a website to download some content for one of my games, and while I was there, I saw a little icon pop up in my system tray, and then vanish again. I wondered what it was, so I started browsing my PROGRAM FILES folder. I noticed a folder called FSW that hadn't been there earlier. Sure enough, when I looked into it, that lame website had installed some sort of Free Scratch-N-Win Online Lottery game on my system. I had to use Spybot S&D to get rid of it!
Then, earlier this morning, I went to another site to find some cheats and hints for a video game that I'm playing, and POOF.....there goes another program installing itself. I did the same steps as above, and I found something called Virtual Bounceback. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...... I always find out who made the program and send them a 'nice' email telling them that if they really wanted people to have their material, they should friggin ask first! Gator, Xupiter and all of the other sites and programs that install themselves w/o my knowledge can kiss my rear.
I had to go into the TOOLS menu of my web browser and block like 50 websites that randomly give pop-ups and/or install crap on my computer. I really do not see how they can legally do this....but it's not something I'm gonna look into. It just makes me mad, and I pray that all of the people who make programs like that get some sort of computer virus and die. >:)
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Finally!!! It's FRIDAY!!!!

Whew.....this day went by so slow! I thought that it would never end!!!!!

Today, I've had the song "Clocks" by Cldplay stuck in my head. I've been whistling it and humming it all day! lol I heard it a few days ago, and thought that it was 'different' and 'catchy' so I started listening for it again so that I could learn who it was from. Well, they play it all the time on my radio stations.....but they never said who sang it! Grrrrrrrrr... So, I went to my radio station's website and checked out their list of currently played song. THere were like 9 songs that I didn't recognized, so I started choosing them one at a time, and downloading my selection from Kazaa Lite. I got it right on my first try! lol I really like this song, but what's really strange is that I normally do not like 'hapy' music like this. THe lyrics aren't exactly 'happy' but the music is. It reminds me of a rainy spring day, but not a bad one. lol

Jacob started saying 'pencil' and 'paper' today. It was cute. He came up to my desk and started reaching for something (I couldn't see the pencil) and he was saying "Peh-pul.....Peh-pul!!" I looked around and thought that he wanted one of my cookies, so I tried reaching one to him. He shook his head and started to reach again, saying the same thing. I finally realized that he was wanting some paper and a pencil so that he could write (or 'rie' as he calls it). LOL! That was so cute! I freakin' love him so much! It's so weird to think that he'll be 2 years old next month! It seems like just a few weeks ago that he was born. So sad in a way, but it also makes me happy. I can't wait to see what he's like when he's older, but I'd like to keep him little at the same time. lol

Kristen wasn't feeling good today, and she was VERY whiny! She came home and had been in trouble at school for hitting this boy who was annoying her. I know the boy, so he probably deserved it, but still, it's not 'proper' for a girl to go around hitting boys (and vice versa!) so I told her that she could not watch TV today and that she couldn't go to her Grandma's tonight (she goes there every Friday night to play and spend the night). She was heart-broken! You would've thought that I sacrificed a kitten in front of her! lol She started crying, and I had to tell her to stop. She's cute too, and it's funny to watch her learn new things each day. She's so smart that it's scary! She has straight A's, and can read and work about 3 years ahead of the level that she's on (2nd). I'm not allowing her to go to gifted classes, however. I was placed in a class like that, and I hated it......PLUS, they taught us that we were really smart, and to a young and obnoxious kid, that makes them think that they are (in a way) better than the others. I didn't like that at all, and I know that she wouldn't either.

You know what I hate more than anything? Gossipping backstabbing liars! My father is a preacher, and he goes out of his way to help the people of our church. He literally gives away all of his money, and has gone without paychecks, just so people in our church could be fed, and have the cash to pay their bills. Plus, my parents give away everything they have so that others can have things. Well, there are a few people in my church who gossip and backstab CONSTANTLY! It's non-stop! They talk about things and other people....and if they can't find anything to talk about, they make stuff up about people and start spreading it.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy going to church, but I always step back and look at them, and then think "My God....is it any wonder that the church is the laughing stock of the planet? We've got people like THIS as our 'representatives'." Ugh, they make me sick! My entire life, I've seen nothing but mean people who hurt my parents and who stab them in the back at the first chance they get, but my parents have good hearts, and they just turn the other cheek and help others. Gah, I could never do that! There have been MANY times lately that I just wanted to walk up to these people and bash their face in and/or curse them out for the way they hurt my parents. If they would put too much stress on my parents, and anything would happen.....God help those people, b/c I would tell them off so bad and make them feel the way they make ME and my parents feel! Hypocrites! ...and after all that my parents have done for them. God, it makes me mad!!!!

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Ooooh, I Just Remembered Something...

I just remembered something that I thought I'd share with the whole 4 people who read my journal....

Julie and I received our income tax return check a couple of days ago. It was for nearly $3500!!!!!!!!! Now, we have sat down and figured out all of our financial planning, and guess what.....we will be debt-free starting April 1st! We have everything paid off, and now only we our house payment (we own), our car payment, and of course utilities! This means that we'll have nearly $500 per month freed up to do with as we please! It will be so cool to be able to go buy stuff again! LOL!
We weren't in debt as far as like bill collectors or anything like that, but we had school loans, and credit card bills (not too bad......around $2000) and a few doctor's bills......but NOW THEY ARE GONE!!!!!! ::dances::

Hmmm....I wonder what the first thing I'll buy with all of my 'extra' money will be?


Any suggestions?

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Oops! I Missed a Day!

I was so rushed yesterday that I didn't even have 5 minutes to drop an entry into my journal! So, I'll cover yesterday and today in this one!

I didnt really do much yesterday, but what little I did do was time consuming!
Work went by pretty fast, and then I had to pick up Julie's sis, take her to work, then go and pick up Julie, come back home, help julie give the kids a bath, catch a quick nap, then we got up, went to church, came home, watched Survivor and went tobed. Hmm....looking at that list, I'm not really sure why that took all day, but at any rate, it did.

Today was pretty boring as well. Went to work, and was very hot most of the day. These screwy temperatures are messing with my sinuses! And now they are saying that it's supposed to be in the lower 40s this weekend!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
I'm watching my kids today, while Julie is at work (which I do every day until 8:30pm, except for Sat. and Sun.). Jacob is asleep right now, so I came down to drop a few lines. I bought a few Spongebb videos for Jake today, so I'll sit down with him and watch them later today.

Daily Rant:
I am becoming addicted to Talk Radio, and it scares me. The FM stations here are so lame, and they play the same 10 songs over and over and over, so because I wanted to hear the war coverage, I turned it to the AM and found a Talk-24 station. Listening to those people argue with each other about everything from the Iraqi war to shampoo cracks me up! One woman was screaming about how she doesn't support the war at all, but she supports the troops, and that she thinks that they (the Iraqi soldiers) should be stopped by any means possible......but then she was trashing the troops for their actions. WHAT?! I know that by reading that sentence.....it makes no sense. Well, that's what this woman was making: NO SENSE! She was just babbling, and the hosts were laughing at her and talking over her. What a loser!
My rant is: Why do people feel the need to make fools of themselves? Out of all of these people protesting the war, I guarantee that there are VERY FEW who actually know WHY they are protesting. most are just doing it because its a form of rebellion, and the others are probably just there for the free snakcs/drinks/t-shirts or whatever!!! For example, if I hear someone saying that they oppose the war, and then I ask why, almost EVERY SINGLE PERSON says that we do not need their oil.
HELLO! It's not about oil! It's about this insane person who DOES have chemical weapons, and who HAS used them against his own people, and who DOES have links to the group that smashed planes into the WTC on 9/11.........if we wanted oil, and were so heartless as to just start bombing people to get it...wouldn't we go after Saudi Arabia?
I dunno......I'm sad that there is a war, and I may not back it 100%, but still.....I understand that it's something that must be done, and WE ALL need to understand that the government has information that we do not have. For all we know, they have absolute proof that there have been some sort of deals between Hussein and Bin Laden. For all we know, we could be hours away from a huge chemical attack against our troops......and meanwhile, we have all of these idiots blocking streets in Manhattan, claiming that they want to 'disgruntle' the people of this country so that they can see what its like to be inconvenienced like the people of Iraq. Well, if you're truly wanting to make us understand what the Iraqi people are going through, then you should've started starving us and blocking our streets and killing us 25 years ago. It's not over war, and it's not a 'cleaning up' war that George W. Bush is doing to finish what his insane father started 12 years ago......
It's mind-numbing! That's what it is! I'm so tired of hearing people complain about the war! I'm tired of people praising the people behind the war........does it really matter what we think? No matter what we say or do, our government is not going to suddenly be like "Oh, wait! The people are pissed! Let's bring all the troops home!"
There is no turning back now, so let's all just support the troops and pray for their safe return. Oh, and Saddam spelled backwards is almost 'Mad Ass'

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Late-Night Update (10:50pm 3/25)

I just remembered something that I wanted to comment about earlier today in my journal, but I forgot to do so.

I left work on my lunchbreak to pick up my wife and take her to her job and was listening to this radio talkshow on the way. On it, the people hosting were being SO rude and obnoxious. They were pretty much claiming that anyone who had a differing opinion from theirs needed to open their mind......but then when someone would call in with THEIR opinion, they'd begin trashing them and being SO arrogant and rude. It was so annoying. What's even more pathetic is that I agreed with what they were saying, but I would never be so rude to someone else like that. It was just......I dunno...like something you'd see a bunch of teenyboppers do (like the cool clique picking on the less=popular clique or whatever).

They only had like 5 people phone in during the show, and as they were leaving, they started spouting off all of this political jargon. Ha! I'm sure that all 8 people who were listening to your show are now so enlightened by your banter! Losers! >snicker<

....oh, and Julie brought the Spider-Man movie home so that Jacob can see the parts with Spider-Man actually in them (she fast forwards through the rest, but Jake LOVES Spidey, so she lets him watch it). At any rate, in case you didn't already know, I freakin' HATE Spider-Man, and I thought the movie was SO over-hyped. I keep hearing it, and it's annoying me. Willam Defoe is one of those people who are just ugly to look at, ya know? lol

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Well, today I turn 28. It's sort of depressing because when I look back to how I imagined myself at this age when I was a kid, I was so much more 'famous'. >snicker<

My day has been pretty normal. Since I am 28 (and not eleven) there hasn't been a huge party or anything. I've received a few gifts, mostly button-up shirts and candy (from my students). My daughter made a card for me today out of construction paper that said that I was the best daddy ever. That made my day!!!!!! :)

I didn't have to play drums last night at the convention as I thought yesterday, and I was relieved. Once I got there, I just didn't want to do it. I'm not in 'drummer' mode, and haven't been for several years. Hopefully, my sister's friend will leave me alone and stop asking me to play. I really just don't wanna. lol

Listening to the news about the war ALL DAY was pretty shaking. There are so many troops who are listed as missing, dead, or captured! I really feel sorry for them. I couldn't even imagine how scared some of them must feel. It's pretty sad to think that these people are giving their lives all because that idiot, Saddam, is such a freakin' lunatic! I hope they find him and do to him what his troops did to our captured soldiers. That's the LEAST he deserves!

My daily rant: Don't you hate it when they replace an actor/actress in a movie or TV show with someone else, but it's supposed to be the same character? That's SO annoying! I remember when I was little, and Bewitched was in syndication and would come on in the afternoons, and one day her husband was a different guy. How confusing to a little kid! Then, when I was a teenager, Roseanne was pretty popular. Then suddenly, her oldest daughter was being played by a different person......only to be replaced herself with the original actress a couple of years later, and......UGH! So, SO stupid!
I also hate it when characters from TV shows just vanish for no reason. For example, my all-time favorite expression of this pet peeve is the old show Family Matters. Let's see, we had the whole family, along with Aunt Rachel, and the youngest daughter.....and then a couple of years later - BOOM! The Aunt disappeared (yet left her TV-son there with the family, DEADBEAT!), and then the youngest daughter simply vanished! What's even more disturbing is that the family didn't even seem to notice that their youngest child was no longer in the house with them. Didn't they find it odd that the Aunt and their daughter disappeared?! Didn't they care?! Man, such trauma on a young TV viewer's mind! lol Oh, and a friend told me a while back (because I always ask people about the vanishing youngest daughter, just to annoy them) that the little girl grew up, and is now a porn star. How sad. I was certain that being around that Urkel kid would've turned her celibate for ever. >snicker<

Ok, I'm rambling and my contacts are drying up, causing my eyes to dry open, so I guess I'll end this entry for now. If anything else of interest happens, then I'll update it later tonight.....otherwise, I'm outta here until tomorrow.

::does nude Macarena and leaves::

EDIT - 10:26 PM 3/25

I just wanted to add that I really REALLY love my son Jacob, because I just let him have my last double-chocolate chip chewy cookie. >snicker
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